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It is a cooperation between community groups, local business owners, and service providers to work with local residents who feel they are marginalised and disadvantaged.

Activities and Related Benefit Community Interest Statement

The Company’s activities will provide benefit to the people who live, work and/or run businesses in Moss Side, Rusholme and Hulme areas of Manchester. In particular, the company’s objective is to advance social and economic cohesion and prosperity and the well-being of its community.

Activities How will the activity benefit the community?

Develop and implement projects to support people in isolation, loneliness and/or mental health.

The company will work to deliver ways in which it can help support people in reducing isolation, loneliness or mental health issues. It intends to run weekly activities, work with the NHS and Mental Health Teams in the areas, provide longer term support in case of repeat visits to hospitals, organise events to sign post and raise awareness, organise day trips, and provide support to carers.

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