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Our Mission

Socio-Economic Regeneration CIC work with local, regional and national organisations to provide access to world-class facilities and activities for the benefit of enhancing disadvantaged communities. We provide the foundation that offers a wide range of attractive options for communities to engage in positive events and innovative activities. Our effective partnerships ensures that key provisions are developed to provide the appropriate capacity that enable us to generate the resources needed to be self-sustaining.

Our Vision

Socio Economic Regeneration CIC create safe environments for extending the boundaries of health and social care provisions in facilities where disadvantaged young people and adults can enjoy being in an intergenerational environment for socialising, meeting new people from different cultural backgrounds and learn new life skills for participation in community development.

Our Process

Our infrastructure will guide the development and sustainability of Socio-Economic Regeneration CIC for the management team to design the strategic plan that provides secondments, volunteers, full-time and part-time staff for running Socio-Economic Regeneration CIC. They will all possess a proven track record and the experience in key roles necessary to fulfil their post. Where expertise is lacking, specialists training will be provided to help build character, personal development and self-esteem.

What we do

Socio Economic Regeneration CIC develop and implement projects that support people in disadvantaged communities. The company work to deliver ways in which it can help support people in reducing isolation, loneliness or mental health issues. We work in partnership to run weekly activities that provide longer term support in case of repeat visits to hospitals, we sign post people to relevant services and raise awareness, organise day trips, and provide support to carers.


Socio Economic Regeneration CIC activities provide benefit to the people who live, work and or run business in Manchester. The company’s objective is to advance social and economic cohesion and prosperity and the well-being of its community. Any profits we generate will be used to invest in further projects for the benefit of the community of Manchester