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Socio Economic Regeneration CIC activities and Related Benefits

How will the activities benefit the community?

Socio-Economic Regeneration CIC develop and implement projects to support families and individuals with complex needs in Manchester which offers a combination of;

  • Community navigation, befriending and mentoring.
  • Community engagement and empowerment activities.
  • Social groups activities.
  • Social gathering events.
  • Intergenerational projects.
  • Cultural celebration events.
  • Day trips to visit other areas or projects

Our projects act as a vehicle for change in the way that organisations and communities in Manchester collectively work together to help troubled families and individuals with complex needs.

Working directly towards the community benefit our duties contribute directly towards the benefit of the community. To achieve this aim, we provide troubled families and individuals with complex needs in our community with a range of activities and services. These are delivered either on a 1-2-1 basis, social group setting or through wider community partnerships, engagement, and empowerment activities.

Personal goals might include:

  • A visit for a coffee.
  • Helping to cook a nutritious meal and eating healthily.
  • Help with money management and organising their bills and budgeting.
  • Fill out forms with them.
  • Phone someone on their behalf.
  • Help them manage their appointments.
  • Encourage them to exercise.
  • Help them to access online services.

RAPID-RT Programme

RAPID-RT is an innovative research programme.

Working with patients, carers, members of the public, and clinicians, it aims to develop an inclusive method to test the effects of small changes to treatment protocols on patients’ outcomes, and determine the method’s suitability for wider application in the NHS.

This method is called rapid learning. The rapid-learning approach includes all patients regardless of their age, medical conditions, and level of fitness.

We hope rapid learning will provide an inclusive alternative to traditional, gold-standard randomised controlled trials to monitor and improve patient outcomes at The Christie NHS Foundation Trust. 

RAPID-RT is funded by the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) under its Programme Grants for Applied Research Programme (Grant Reference number NIHR202024).

Black Identity Football Fund

I am pleased to be part of a panel of Black community leaders, working with Sported to deliver the participatory grant making pilot in Greater Manchester. The panel will be awarding funding to organisations supporting Black communities as part of the Barclays Community Football Fund focus on Racial Diversity.

Black led organisations can often find applying for grants and gaining financial support difficult. The Black Identity Football Fund uses participatory grant making to put black community members and leaders at the core of funding decisions. This approach helps direct funding where it is needed.

Gaining insight from black leaders who are at the heart of their communities helps tackle inequalities and affect funding outcomes. The purpose of the fund is to give black communities in Greater Manchester access to funding allowing groups to make short- and long-term impact within their communities, through football.

A day out for the panel at Wembley stadium to watch the FA Cup Final between Manchester City and Manchester United, compliments of Barclays and the Sported Foundation. It was a great experience spending the day in a corporate box.

North Reddish Youth Club supporting young people 8-16 years old every Thursday 6pm-8pm.

Football project for young people aged 8 - 16 years old

Communities Living Better

This project aims to help to reduce social isolation on the basis that reducing isolation will lead to better access to support at an earlier stage which will lead to improved social outcomes.

Black Leaders in Sports Committee

The Black Leaders in Sports committee is set up to increase the representation and influence of Black leaders in the sport and physical activity sector. We will empower Black individuals working in the sport and physical activity sector to become world leaders in their field.

Claremont Exclusive Dance Academy

The Claremont Exclusive Dance Group is a project that promotes and provide social, recreational, and educational activities for the young people of Moss Side and the surrounding areas. We run weekly dance classes for young people to help them address their self esteem issues and build confidence to help them achieve better attainments. To address this, we enter them at local events where they perform the routines they learn at the sessions. 

Day trip to Blackpool

We took two coaches of families to Blackpool for a day out. The event was organised by our Laura, who worked hard to get this trip organised. Everyone had a great time, they cant wait to go on the next one, well done all.

The families went to Blackpool to see the lights, it was a great day out for everyone. It was the first time some of the families had ever been to Blackpool. Everyone had a great time, can’t wait until the next trip. People are already making plans for the next time. All the children had a great time.

A day out to the Lake District

Community Work Placement programme (CWP)

CWP program aims to equip jobseekers with a valuable period of experience in a work-based environment, enabling them to develop the disciplines and skills associated with sustained employment. It is a mandatory scheme delivered by Seetec in partnership with Socio Economic Regeneration CIC where customers participate in a work placement for up to 6 months and for 30 hours a week.

Environmental Project

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